Better Redstone use now!
The crafting recipe is above.
Working on making a 32×32 version of it.
Also working on a server version ( SMP ).

Important Info
Now that the bugs and glitches have been fixed, it is now a completely released mod. 100% done!

How to install?


  • Add the class files, terrain.png, and the lang-folder to your Minecraft.jar.
  • Delete META-INF folder.


  • Add the Class files to your server jar.
  • Run the server by adding the startserver.bat to the same folder, as the server, and opening it.
  • If you are on linux, rename it to

Hoping for a custom GUI for choosing light levels. Enjoy!

The spawning ID is 200 and 201.

Redstone can power it down and on, but its a bit glitchy at the moment. Also, if done right, you can use a lever to turn off multiple lanterns at a time.


  • Download Modloader.
  • Download Simple Redstone Lanterns Mod.
  • Drag to minecraft.jar

Additional Details
Progress: 100% complete
Credit to: GIRAFFESTOCK from planetminecraft


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