Team Fortress 2 Teleporter in Minecraft Video

  • IDs: 233, 234, 2813, 2814, 2815, 2816
  • 100 possible frequencies (0-99)
  • -1 is not a usable frequency
  • Only 2 teleporters can share the same frequency
  • And be sure to place both teleporters of the same frequency before you nclose minecraft, single teleporters outside loaded chunks lose their nfrequencies
  • Before you can teleport again, leave the teleporter for a secound
  • Mobs can teleport too


Same reciepes as in the video, BUT you’ll need a red or blue dye on the top.
Customizing blockIDs and soundvolume:
After the first start, a ‘’-file appears in yourn minecraft folder. You can open it with the editor and can change the nblockIDs if you want to (only between 100 and 255!). Soundvolume betweenn 0.0 and 1.0.

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: pitman-87 from planetminecraft


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