Spider Queen Version 5.4

Models, artwork and idea by Pullahoko. Programming by DJoslin.

What is this mod about?

This mod changes the player into a Spider Queen, a creature able to communicate with and create friendly spiders and hostile night-time mobs! It also introduces many new insect mobs, and some underwater and night time mobs as well!


To use this mod, you will need to install Modloader, Audio Mod, and this mod.


The main character can choose to be a male or female by finding the block and property IDs file in their Minecraft folder, and opening it in notepad. By changing the “0″ in “King Mode” to “1,” the player will be a king. The default will be Queen Mode. Players can also make their own texture by replacing the “spiderqueen” or “spiderking” skin inside the minecraft “imgz” folder, inside minecraft.bin.

If you wish to make all night time mobs hate you again after making truces with them, simply delete the “mob settings” text file inside the mod/spiderqueen folder. A new one will be created when you start playing again.



To create webbing, place three string into the crafting table (either the 2X2 or 3X3 workbench).
To use webbing, right click while holding the item. This will shoot out a ball of web which has many uses!

-Use them to create webbing blocks. Shooting 3 in the same spot will create a full web block. Web blocks will slow down monsters, but not spiders! Holding shift while climbing a web block will hold you in position, allowing you to climb ceilings and web bridges!

-Use them to catch mobs! Currently, all mobs can be captures except for Nether mobs, humans, underwater mobs, Mandragora, Jack, and enemy spiders. Damaging mobs will increase the chance of your web working.


Catching a mob will create a corresponding cocoon. To take it with you, hit it until it breaks and produces an item. Use the item to place it down again. To eat it, right click. Eating a cocoon will give you webbing and some will give you a chance at eggs.

Insect cocoons such as ants, wasps and bees cannot be eaten by you, but your spiders will eat them and gain levels after eating a few. Spiders can also be fed raw porkchops.


When you have an egg, you can create a friendly spider which will protect you.

Place an egg next to a cocoon, or vice versa, and the egg with hatch, eating the cocoon and growing into a spider. Different cocoons will create different kinds of spiders.
Baby Spiders – born when no cocoons are around. Feed it porkchops to get it to produce string.
Normal Spiders – born from non-hostile animal cocoons.
Boom Spiders – Born from Creeper cocoons. Will explode when it dies.
Poison spiders – Born from zombie cocoons. Will have more attack power, and in the future will have poisonous attacks!
Thin Spiders – Born from skeleton cocoons. Weaker, but have a ranged attack which hurts enemies and has a chance to cocoon them for you.
Furry Spiders – Born from Wolf cocoons. These spiders will heal other spiders for you!
Lesser Queen/King – Born when an egg is surrounded by a skull, heart, brain, royal blood (more on this later) and a normal animal cocoon. A Lesser Queen/King has a unique body and higher combat ability than the others. There are three distinct kinds to find!

Spider Bait

By holding this item, friendly spiders will follow you. Place it on the ground to have them guard an area.

Rare Fruit

This takes the place of conventional armor. Dropped by Bee Queens, eating these will increase your armor rating. Armor slots now generate webbing slowly.

Spider Bed

To build this, create a 5×5 ring of regular log blocks, and fill the inside 3X3 space with full web blocks. The blocks will change into spider bed blocks. Sleeping in one will change day to night, and night to day.


This can be used to rappel on walls and ceilings. Right click to fire the line into a block. Hold shift to add slack, and hold jump to reel in. This can also be used on mobs to rope them in. By sticking the line in a block and then attacking a mob with the webslinger item (left click), a mob can be anchored to that block.

Heart, Skull, and Brains

These are blocks that drop from killing humans. Place them outside your home and during the night, Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons will come and take them. This will eventually make them friendly to you, and they won’t attack you on sight.

Royal Blood

This is dropped from an Enemy Spider Queen that appears when many enemy spiders are killed. It can be used to make a Lesser Queen/King by placing it on the ground along with a heart, skull, brain, egg, and a normal animal cocoon.


Dropped from Bee Hive blocks. These restore health and give you string.

Mandragora Seeds

Dropped from Mandragora. Planting them on a dirt/grass block will grow a friendly Mandragora in that spot.


A special pumpkin found in pumpkin patches which transforms into a mob at night. You can tell it’s special from its smiling face.


Dropped by Jack. Acts as a torch, but is only place-able on ceilings.


Humans – spawn in day and travel in groups. They can be slain to collect their loot, but they will eventually come to hate you. Attacking animal mobs and night time mobs will cause them to become friendly to you.

Ants – These guys love to dig tunnels underground. Red ants will attack you, but black ones won’t. If you attack several black ants, red ones will not attack you, but black ones will, and vice versa.

Flies -

Passive, can be right-clicked to instantly eat for some string.

Bees -

spawn near Beehive blocks, found in large trees. Gatherers will never attack you, and Warriors will not attack unless you attack first. Queens will appear when you break open a hive block, so be prepared to face them if you want their honey.

Wasps – spawns during the day. These guys are angry all the time, and will attack you on sight, or other mobs if you’re not around.

Jack -

When night falls, a Jack pumpkin will turn into a monster and fly around, shooting fireballs! Take it down to gain some lanterns, or keep one in a safe area as a pet.

Mandragora -

Grows in green grass, it will shoot roots through the ground to keep you away. Arrows will have no effect on them. Those grown yourself will be friendly to you.

Octopus -

Hides in the water, and then pops out to shoot ink at you!

Enemy Queen -

Will appear after you have killed many enemy spiders. She has several tactics to fight you and should only be engaged if you are ready! She will attack with a sword, bow and arrows, and even TNT. By defeating her, you can get some great items, including eggs, a saddle, and royal blood.


  • Updated Spider Bait
  • Greedy spider removed for bug-fixing
  • Tweaked bee-hive generation
  • Added Stingers, which can be placed on the ground or used instead of a diamond to create the webslinger.
  • Spider Beds now set the time to day, but can be slept in at any time.
  • Heart, Skull, and Brain blocks now disappear after a set amount of time.
  • Tweaked spawn rates of new mobs
  • New mobs now have EXP orb and item drop tables
  • Added “Craft mossy cobblestone” and “Craft poison webbing” crafting recipes
  • Added new mechanic: giving many hearts, skulls, brains will give you a friendly mob (currently bugged)




Credits to: djoslin

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