This mod adds several new items and blocks that should, in my opinion, be added to Vanilla Minecraft!

It adds a few ways to get items you cant usually get in Peaceful Mode.

This is only version 0.2, its not even fully released yet, theres much mroe to come!


Image of Niter, The 3 Fossils, and Sulphur:


Posted Image


With sulphur, niter, and charcoal (not coal, charcoal, which can be obtained from smetling wood) you can craft Gun Powder!


Posted Image

Also with Sulphur you can craft torches:


Posted Image


And with Niter you can cut it to create more bonemeal:


Posted Image


Sheep drop lambchops, squids drop squid meat, wolves drop wolf rinds and creepers drop creeper hearts which will soon be able to be crafted into throwable TNT

Pumpkins can be put in the crafting table besides eachother to craft 9 pumpkin slices which are the same as melon slices.

The blowgun shoots blowdarts immediatly, unlike the bow, you dont need to cock it back every time you shoot!

The sword has no crafting recipe, and no special effect, but it will soon be added along with many other blades, to have special effects such as life steal etc..


Posted Image



How To Install VanillaPlus Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  • Download  the VanillaPlus Mod
  • Download Modloader
  • Open the minecraft.jar with 7zip or winzip
  • Move the mods files from the mod into the minecraft.jar
  • Delete that silly META INF folder that nobody likes
  • Have fun!

Credits to: calebmanley

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