Kclementer’s Texture Pack-Update 20-Version 0.5 (Introductory Image)

All Blocks from Kclementer’s Texture Pack V0.5.Update 20

A Closer Look at all of the blocks in Kclementer’s Texture Pack-V0.5.Update 20

Minecraft Title Screen Changes- (Update 20.5)

The Set of altered Blocks (Update 20.5)

Inner Gui Changes:Xp Bar, Lifepoints bar,Cursor and Block Selector(Update 20.5)

The Creeper’s Appearance (Update 20.5)

Textured the Player’s Inventory whilst in Creative Mode-(Update 019)

Textured the All Building Blocks Menu-(Update 019)

Textured the All items Menu-(Update 019)

Item Gui Changes-Textured the Ender-Pearl,Glowstone Dust, Extracted Red-Stone, All of the Pickaxes and all of the Axes-(Update 019)

Textured the Villager’s Trading Gui (Snapshot W12 a22-Stage 02)

Textured Slimes (Update 017)

This Texture pack is still under development,therefore there is still more work that has to be done before this texture pack is officially released, after the release I’ll still be updating this texture pack because of future Minecraft Updates, therefore new stuff is released from time to time. If you want to support this texture pack you can either download it from here or show your appreciation by commenting or if you really want ,give a diamond, Any bad comments including foul language or some kind of insultation will be deleted immediately.

Additional Details

Update 005.7 is half way until this texture pack releases as V.1. I will update this texture pack along Minecraft’s Updates therefore stay tuned to know what new aspects and textures have been altered or introduced.Update 015- I’m back on track, I’ve decided to continue developing the Texture Pack after the conflict I had back at the chat room, I’m sorry for those this texture pack’s fans, it’s back up now and I’ll be updating regularly

Progress: 65% complete
Credit to: Cybernetico from planetminecraft

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