Sunset, sun and moon are unchanged.

The new jungle wood block, with the jungle leaves.

Lilypads are offset slightly.

Redstone Lamps have less ‘dirty’ colouration, but inactivated lamps are unchanged as of yet.

Derpy pigs still in!

New Grass colour (probably to be changed, due to public opinion)

New Decoration blocks! (sorry for grass colour, this was taken before the grass change)

New Netherbrick…

…Netherbrick fence…

… and Netherbrick stair textures!


With the newest update, I’ve dabbled in the Modding arts and added random mob features!


  • Jungle Wood done
  • Water Colour made static, like grass colour
  • Lilypads done
  • Compatibility with new 1.2.4 blocks (sandstone and wooden plank variants)!
  • New grass colour, matches actual grass colour (possibly will be changed in future)
  • Stone Variant (circular pattern) done!
  • NetherBrick blocks done
  • Furnace animation re-orientated (was slightly off)
  • Enderdragon health-bar included
  • Hardcore health-bar included
  • Upgrade to 1.3 (other than below)

–To be done–

  • New GUI menus such as new creative menu and villager trading menu
  • Cocoa Plants in testinga
  • Tripwire mechanism in testing
  • Tripwire in testing

Additional Details

Progress: 100% complete
Credit to: Gemeye from planetminecraft

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