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Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it.

Info: This is a little project I’ve started that is going pretty well. This is my first Texture pack that actually took off and didn’t get left in the recycle bin. The theme is Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

Right )’s in font have parts of *’s next to them.
Enabling the custom language makes everything have ‘/par’ after it for some reason… (any ideas?)

In-game pictures are on mine and Patrickjm’s vanilla server.

Additional Details

Put the en_AC.lang and Language.txt files in your lang folder of your minecraft jar AFTER you patch with MCPatcher to get the full ACB experience.
Note: Patching reverts all files in the jar to default when it adds new mods to it.

Progress: 75% complete

Credit to: USAF_Marine24 from planetminecraft

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