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Some large factory

Power Crystals for miners

Wheat maker – bonemeal is in the builder.

GUI for miners (keyboard control still works)

Mushroom factory

Flint maker – breaks gravel until its all turned into flint

Automatic bonemeal-supplied tree farm

Sugar cane farm with automatic harvesting.

Notice : This mod requires ModLoader for Minecraft 1.3.1 .

Power Craft 3.4.8 for Minecraft 1.3.1

PowerCraft is:

  • Intuitive yet powerful industrial mod
  • Ideal for automatic farming
  • Easier than BuildCraft or IndustrialCraft
  • This mod contains the best pieces of all my redstone mods,and it is the only industrial mod I will update in the future.
  • Config files in .minecraft/config let you solve id conflicts and change many properties.

Here is a video – not completely correct, but useful spotlight:


  1. Download and install ModLoader for Minecraft 1.3.1
  2. Download the zip file through the download button.
  3. Put it into .minecraft/mods. DO NOT EXTRACT THE ZIP!
  4. Run Minecraft.

Black screen?

  • Open .minecraft / ModLoader.txt, and find the errors.
  • You may get ID conflict (“Slot already occupied by…”).
  • To fix it, open appropriate config file in .minecraft/config, and edit the ids.
  • Config files for this mod start with FC prefix. Open them with Notepad.

Update log

==== 3.4.8 ====
- source code is now packed with the binaries, so if someone feels like updating it to 1.3,
he can. Otherwise it can taker over a month.### FIXES ###
- fixed many bad things in weasel
- unconnecting devices from weasel network now works properly
- fixed glitch when you could crash the game by placing light inside the iron ledge block.
- corrected some redstone updates
- Weasel’s interrupt calls (update, termIn, touchEvent) are no longer interruptible.
instead the calls are queued, so nothing is lost nor broken
- fixed bugs where some messing with guis resulted in NullPointers and other cute things
- corrected many minor mistakes and bugs
- reworked image manipulation library and image storage format. This means that old image
disks need to be formatted if you want to use them again.### WRITABLE DISKS ###
All kinds of disks are now writable by program
For all of these, instead of ???.name, you can use driveName.SLOT

text disks:
(plain text disk)
use variable, also you can assign it.
note: it works as variable, eg. getfirst(text.mytxt, 10) will give you first 10 chars

lists: have now functions
(these are lists with numeric indexes), value)

data disk:
(new type, holds variables and can work as dictionary)“variable_name”)“variable_name”, value)“variable_name”)

image disk:
all things that work for touchscreen, with = “red”; (or 0xff0000, or color(…)) – set all pixels to color
img.resize(w,h) – this also erases the disk.

(for image disks, add before the func name, for touchscreen touchscreenName.)
rect(x1,y1,x2,y2,color, borderColor)
frame(x1,y1,x2,y2,color) – only frame, dont touch the inside

ellipse(x, y, w, h, color)
- x,y is left top of the rect the ellipse is drawn into

- fill the area from coords, with color.
- sorry DarkHog, but your recursive code didn’t work well, now it’s done using a loop and Stack.

clear() – set all pizels to -1
resize(w,h) – clear and resize, but works only for disks, not for TS.

- if there is a disk with given name, save to it the whole screen (resize if needed)
- if there is a disk with this name, clear screen and draw this disk from top-left corner.
- if used smartly you can make double-buffering with these functions, animations, window system
and many more cool things.

### New features in the DIGITAL WORKBENCH ###
- it was completely reworked, now the inventory shows only on the front page.
- added icon button for “back”, because its smaller
- you can edit data disks
- added gui for libraries
- obviously library don’t have the highlitings you get in Weasel Controller,
because the functions and variables aren’t known to the library compiler;
but it is not a problem, it compiles all right.
- se below for info about LIBS.
- images up to 260×130, but they cause a bit of lag, please use the smallest size you need.
- much better zoom range (more room == more zoom)
- new color picker indicator
- ** KEY CONTOLS ** !
- hold L & drag to draw line
- press F and click to fill (bucket)
- hold R & drag to draw rectangle
- hold B & drag to draw border = frame
- hold C & drag to draw circle (or ellipse)
- right click is always color -1 = invisible. It works also with fill and others.
- CTRL or SHIFT while clicking is Color Picking – get color from pixels.

- work in Weasel Controller (put them into a drive)
- work in Miner

- library disk is linked to the weasel program when you build it (check&launch)
- once the program is compiled, the disk is not needed, and changing it has no
effect until you rebuild the program. This is for technical reasons, it isn’t that
I want to make it harder.

- only functions from library disks are accessible, “main flow” will never run
- disks are added from all connected drivers, and their labels have
no effect; you can prefix your functions as you wish – or not at all.
- it is useful if you’re making a mining library to for example name all functions
mlib.something… or m.something, because if you then want to combine multiple library
disks, you will be sure you don’t get a name conflict.
- if there are more functions of the same name in your program, it is not
a problem, but only the 1st will work.

- when making universal library, keep in mind that names of the peripherals may vary
- use get(“name”) and set(“name”, value) – or set(“name”, value, isGlobal),
and call(“name”, args…) if you need. This lets you get gadget name as string argument.

- this of course does not apply to miners, miners are all equivalent and the libraries
are always 100% universal

==== 3.4.7 ====
* Miners now use Weasel
* more than 100 weasel functions
* all will be documented in a separate miner guide asap.
==== 3.4.6 ====
* Weasel’s interrupt functions (update, touchEvent, termIn) no longer execute instantly
= you can use pause, sleep and other things inside them, as well as call other functions.
* Weasel is much more stable, removed several things that caused crashes
* weasel is now less laggy
* Weasel forces chunk saving when modified (or instruction execited etc.), so it should be more reliable
* Using port name as variable now sets all the port sides at once, not only front. Reading this variable gives you F.
* cutfirst and cutlast no longer cause crashes* many other functions and aliases
- WEASEL GUIDE IS UPDATED, YOU SHOULD READ IT AGAIN!* checked all the gates for functionality
* fixed buggy day, night, rain sensorsNew things:
* Weasel Disks, Digital Workbench, Terminal, Touchscreen Graphics Display
* Image disks, digital workbench can edit images* Smelting items on roaster now sets “delayBeforePickup” correctly
* many minor fixes
==== 3.4.5 ====
* Last bigger update before Minecraft 1.3
* Much improved RGB driver functionality
* Weasel function: color(“red”), or color(255,0,0) – they make a hex color, useful for rgb display or a background of a display.
* Fixed some things in weasel that could crash your game
* Display will no longer crash if it has some strange text in it
* Chimneys no longer transparent in forge
* rgb driver now can change color without flashing the led.
btw., rgb driver = the Weasel Port, with white display segment connected to it.
* you can easilly connect radio receivers to transmitter, just right click Tx with activator, and the click these Rx, and they will autoconnect.
==== 3.4.4 ====
* all gates and weasel stuff is creeper-proof
* radio & teleporter labels toggleable in GUI
* radio has checkbox “Tiny” – and if its on, it renders tiny. Really tiny. try it.
* ugly thin font renderer is now gone! We are suing the bold one for things where it looks better – minitor, weasel coding, labels for radio etc.* Added “Display Segments” – overgrown indicators, much better for LED displays
Recipe: glowstone block + redstone + dye* lights (all 3 kinds) no longer need support block, they can hand on weasel ports, on leaves, fences etc.
* added smoking chimneys:
# #
# # – cobblestone, or stone brick, or brick wall
# #
- smoke when connected to smoke source.* new commands for weasel
* smarter weasel :)
* RGB led – connect white display segment directly to a weasel port.
Then set yourport.rgb = 0xff00ff (a hex color), and if you change the on/off state,
the white segment will have the color you specified.* Rubntime name generation!
_get(“varname”) – get a variable with given name
_set(“varname”, value) – set value to variable
_call(“funcname”,args,args…) – call a function.the point of these is that if you have eg. ports called p0,p1,p2,p3…,
you can access them using a for loop, and create the names on the fly, by using “p”+i as variable name* display has functions:
name.reset(), name.clear(), name.print(), name.add()
but also. name.matrix() – makes green rain!* many bugfixes around instant gates – they no longer change brightness = they no longer crash the game.
* old programmable gates were converted to signal splitters if you had them in world.
==== 3.4.3 ====
* Fixed bug in XP bank which allowed infinite XP recyclation
* Added missing recipes to some lights
* STRONGLY improved weasel’s math parser
* Syntax highlighter now recognizes strings and comments
- Removed programmable gates; break them to get the resources you used to craft them.
+ Syntax highlighting colors are in config file
+ Weasel has it’s own ID – all the new weasel devices share this one
+ 3 Weasel gadgets – external devices: Display, Port, Speaker
+ Display has support for formatting (just like in these new books), and colors.
+ Weasels can directly use radio signals, and share variables
+ Use activation crystal to connect weasel with it’s peripherals (the gadgets it can use).
+ Each weasel network has it’s own unique color, but you can change it, and also rename the network
+ Weasel has new amazing GUI with lots of functions and information.
+ Hacked water to store items to chests and work seamlessly with conveyors.
+ Hacked “splash texts”, now they sometimes use our texts.
+ Update notification in splash text, and also ingame, as before.
+ Improved belts (a bit smoother)
+ Reduced some lag in weasel
+ Addition of strings works now.
+ Added simple functions to get current time:
hours(), mins(), secs(), time() – in seconds, ftime() – HH:MM:SS
all these with added “_r” for real time (eg. ftime_r())
Get moon phase: moon();
+ weasel now works correctly with deeply nested function calls in return statement.
+ update notification system should be more reliable.
+ Fixed many other bugs, but I can’t remember them :)

==== 3.4.0 ====


  • New versioning system – now it is [0-9].[0-9].[0-9]
  • Improved GRES, element spacing should be correct again
  • Removed testing dirt recipes from 3.4p4
  • Added iron fence to crafting tool
  • The crash with Forge ModLoader might be fixed, but – we didnt test it
  • NEI should have all blocks.

Programmable gates

  • Heavily improved programmable gate, now uses Weasel’s ALU
  • Programmable gates have many new functions available, and syntax coloring


  • We now have these new gates: (“/” = new line in recipe):
  • - Quick Repeater – recipe: R/R/R, R = redstone
  • - Instant repeater – R/Q, R = redstone, Q = quick repeater
  • - Quick Angled Repeater – RR/[]R, R = redstone, [] = nothing
  • - Instant Angled Repeater – R/A, R = redstone, A = quick angled repeater
  • Right click Angled Repeater to change the output direction.
  • Right click AND and OR gates, and they will change into a subtype with inputs on back and on side. Click again to cycle through the 3 subtypes.
  • Gates now have a burnout functionality – if gate quickly changes state for too long, it burns out and continues working after 6-tick cooldown.
  • This prevents some lags.
  • Fixed recipe for random gate


  • Now support faster pulses, which makes them even more POWERful.


  • I started working on weasel, but it is far from finished
  • Miners are still the same as in 3.3, except they have unglier gui, because

We converted it to GRES but didn’t have time to improve it

==== 3.3v2 ====

Patched the zip with T-gate patch, T gates work again.

==== 3.3 ====

  • * Added Slow Delayer gate
  • * Added Redstone Crossing gate, for wire intersections
  • * Advanced Delayer renamed to Buffered Delayer, and it’s bugs were fixed
  • * Added Javadoc to some files around gates

==== 3.2B ====

  • 3.2B fixed the bug with miners, miner with lava filling enabled caused null pointer crash when it hit lava. The file name is still the same, but it is now fixed, so please redownload and replace the mod in mods folder.

==== 3.2 ====

  • * Fixed the bug with wheat and nether wart not being harvested.
  • * You must delete default.xml from PC_CROPS for the fix to fully work.
  • * Laser can now trigger TNT (transmitter laser and killer laser)
  • * Placing spawner eggs by builder was fixed, no more placing 50 creepers each tick :P
  • * Block builder’s range extended to 150 blocks, use stone brick or obsidian to stop it.
  • * Miner now makes sound when placing blocks (and believe me that digging through lava and water is now really noisy!)

==== 2.8 ====

  • * Did ‘cleanup’ using Eclipse, so Overrides are now correct.
  • * Made CRAFTING TOOL super large with really all kinds of blocks in PowerCraft
  • * Dispenser can now dispense wheat for animal breeding
  • * Works also with all kinds of food and bones
  • * Crafting tool now contains dispenser, door, trapdoor and redstone, which is useful in creative.


  • * Fixed teleporter cross-save bug
  • * Fixed teleporter cross dimension bug (you may have to rebuild your teleporters for this to have any effect.
  • * Teleporter Target has now the lower pad rendered as gold, to make it easier to tell which one is which.
  • * Teleporters now let you select which entities should be teleported, and they also let you teleport only after pressing SHIFT (sneak).


  • * Laser sensor now has particles rendered forwards and backwards (the movement), so it looks realistic.
  • * Added two new laser types, backwards compatible
  • * No new crafting, laser will ask you what type you want when you place it.
  • * Killer on roaster still works
  • * Laser sensor can’t detect items anymore
  • * Laser body is now larger, and has coloured lens instead of that old spot on texture. this, however, will make troubles with texturepacks, as laser no longer loads from tiles.png file, but from separate texture instead.
  • * Now the power crystals for coloring beam, prisms and mirrors have a very good use – for beam control. Colouring may make it easier for you to distinguish different beams.
  • * Laser transmitter has to be powered by redstoen if you want it to flash and activate the sensor.
  • * Sensor can ATM be triggered by beam from all sides and angles, which is a bug, but I felt too lazy to fix it.

==== 2.7 ====

  • * Added PRISM
  • * Improved mirrors
  • * killer beam reflected back into it’s source laser makes it go boom
  • * Added TMI compatibility
  • * Improved loads of other stuff
  • * Code is now using iniform TAB indentaion with prefered size of 4 spaces per tab.

Credit to : MightyPork from planetminecraft

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