Nethermap with waypoints

Squaremap with functioning waypoints

Cavemap, also menu showing integration with my Motion Tracker mod

Zan’s minimap is a rather famous minimap mod created by Zan.

I’ve been involved with it for a while; I coded the nethermapping algorithm, squaremap waypoints, and nether/overworld waypoint synchronization.

Why bother, when Rei’s minimap exists and is great? For me, it is the availability and relative simplicity of the codebase, which lets me muck around and change things.

Install instructions:

This mod is for minecraft 1.3.1

Install map:

  • 1.In minecraft.jar, delete META-INF folder
  • 2.Put contents of putInMinecraft.jar folder into minecraft.jar. Do not put the folder into the jar, just its contents

Additional Details

Update log

  • Update for 1.3.1

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: MamiyaOtaru from planetminecraft

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