The textures for the sign and enchantment book. The enchantment table hasn’t been made yet.

The mine cart and chest cart.

Small chest. Just like a Halo crate.

Large chest. Just like a big Halo crate.

Bottom of mine carts. Mostly a spin off of a hover cart.

Bow and arrows- (Shotgun & Shells)

Diamond Sword- (Energy Sword)


This texture pack will be a mix of various items and terrain from the current Halo trilogy. Halo is a futuristic FPS game where you must stop a alien race from eradicating mankind.

How to Install Yumz’s Halo Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.1

  • Download the Yumz’s Halo Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.3.1
  • Run the game normally
  • Select “mods and texture pack”
  • Open “texture pack” folder
  • Copy and paste the texture pack here without unzipping
  • DONE!

Additional Details

Progress: 5% complete
Credit to: YummyYumz from planetminecraft

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