Screenshots :

Showcasing the new Biome atmospheric colors

Enderdragons added in 1.0.0

Notice: This HD texture pack requires the HD texture pack fix before you can use it


The texture pack’s been updated to support the 12w21a snapshot. There’s a bunch of content in this update since I skipped updating for the last two snapshots that added new art, so be sure to check out the patch notes/changelog to see what all’s been added. It should go without saying but YOU WILL NEED THE LATEST MCPATCHER TO AVOID PROBLEMS WITH THIS PACK. Optifine DOES NOT support all the features of this pack despite claims to the contrary (Custom colors is especially buggy and incomplete)!


Before you even download the pack note that I am not a programmer or code modder, nor do I understand Java error messages of any kind. I am an artist, I simply provide art files for MCPatcher which enables HD texture packs to work with Minecraft. There is nothing in my pack that will mess up your game! Be sure to read the installation instructions!



  • 1. Hit Windows Key + R to open the Run console.
  • 2. Type in and enter the following: %appdata%/.minecraft/

To reach the folder on a Mac:

  • 1. Open Finder.
  • 2. Navigate to the following: (Username)/Library/Application Support/minecraft.
  • 3. That should open a folder, in that folder delete the bin folder.
  • 4. Run Minecraft and let it patch. When that’s done, close Minecraft completely.

Installing the Texture Pack

  • 1. Save my pack’s zip file to the texturepacks folder in your minececraft directory. (Do not extract!)
  • 2. Click here to download the latest version of MCPatcher. (How do people keep fucking this step up?)
  • 3. Run MCPatcher, ensure Custom Colors is ticked and hit Patch, then close it when it’s done.
  • 4. Run Minecraft and go to Mods and Texture Packs to select my pack.



  • Completely redesigned the wheat texture from scratch to look less sickly and provide better cues for maturity.
  • Added unique, random top textures to spruce planks that makes more physical sense. (Great for floor tiling!)
  • Added unique textures for all log tops to better match the color of planks they produce
  • CTM support for log tops is now only limited to jungle wood.
  • Added random texture support to TNT blocks. (They can now have a variety of labels or no label at all.)
  • Fixed a texture problem with the bottoms of cauldrons.


  • Updated the trading GUI window to accomodate trading of two items at a time.
  • Added support for the new creative mode block menu.
  • Added animated emerald block texture.
  • Added textures for tripwire hooks and placed string.
  • Added CTM support for iron blocks.
  • Added CTM support for sugar cane.
  • Added CTM support for obsidian which has also received a new, more realistic and less noisy look.
  • Added unique fence art for both fence types and fence gates. (They’re not perfect from some angles, but way better than the default.)
  • Added unique top and bottom art to nether bricks.
  • Added unique art to stone and wooden pressure plates now that tripwire is the camouflage way to do traps–also improves the look of tables.
  • Added unique art to stone buttons to help them stand out a bit.
  • Added unique tops and bottoms to all wool blocks to add some mild variety to wool blocks being used as carpeting.
  • Removed animations from iron blocks and iron doors to accomodate CTM iron blocks.
  • Slightly redesigned the look of iron doors to match the new look of iron blocks.
  • Slightly darkened the item icon for sugar cane to match the new look of sugar cane.
  • Updated the enchantment tables and enderchests to reflect the new look of obsidian.
  • Slightly lightened the color of Nether fences to better showcase the new textures.
  • Reverted to the old coloring method for nether bricks and nether brick stairs. (Fences will look weird in the inventory and hand only.)
  • Removed the wood variance from half-steps and stairs made of oak planks to accomodate the new fence textures.
  • Various colored blocks in the mushroom biome are now a bit more vibrantly colored than elsewhere.
  • Created a proper logo for pack.png that doesn’t require me to constantly update it with each version.
  • Fixed the issue with biome stone coloring not being applied to emerald ore blocks.
  • Moved obsolete textures from terrain.png to ALTERNATES.png
  • Added a few new requested tiles to ALTERNATES.png


  • Added GUI for NPC trading interface.
  • Added and animated emerald ore texture.
  • Added and animated emerald item icon.
  • Added and animated enderchest textures.
  • To make worn pumpkins less worthless, the nightvision effect has been improved with no LOS drawbacks. The creeper face will mostly be visible in extremely dark areas now.
  • Added textures for the three cacao pod stages.
  • Added GUI and item icons for the book and quill.
  • Altered existing book item icon to accomodate the look of the new book and quill item icons.
  • Added MCPatcher CTM support for end stone
  • Added MCPatcher CTM support for bedrock.
  • Added MCPatcher CTM support for snow.
  • Added MCPatcher CTM support for ice.


Added MCPatcher CTM support:

  • -Bookshelves now have more of a variety of books when more than one are placed next to each other.
  • -Circle stone blocks can now be used to construct pillars, archways, and all sorts of interesting geometric stone patterns.
  • -Tops of logs will now expand to form a large smooth tree ring surface when 4 or more are connected at right angles.
  • -Jungle tree logs will now be shaded dynamically based on width–other logs are unaffected for wall-building.
  • -Brick walls now have corner stones.
  • -Hieroglyphic sandstone blocks have more variety in how they tile and when placed alone or in groups.
  • -Smooth sandstone blocks now have a completely smooth surface everywhere except their edges.
  • -Light wooden planks now have CTM dynamics that allow better framing on the side with unique tops.
  • -Crafting workbenches can now form desks, shelves and drawers when placed adjacent to each other.

Added MCPatcher Random Texture support:

  • Flat grass now has much more variety with: clover patches, flowers, gopher holes, thistle, crabgrass, and leaf debris.
  • Stone slabs now have random variation that matches the new look for Smooth stone.
  • Stone blocks now have random block angles, where some blocks may jut out or sink in slightly more than others.
  • Oak, Pine, and Jungle planks now have some minor random variation to their tiling pattern.
  • Roses and yellow flowers now come in 9 various shapes and sizes each.
  • Dead bushes now come in various stages.
  • Tall grass has more variety to it now.
  • Lilypads can now face in 8 possible directions as opposed to the previous 4.
  • Watermelons have an incredibly rare chance to spawn in some locations with a creeper face.

Added MCPatcher Repeating texture pattern support:

  • Smooth stone is now way smoother and doesn’t have that weird diamond pattern in the distance.
  • Gravel tiles much less obviously and makes for more rugged-looking roads.
  • Clay is now more usable as a building material with its new variance.
  • Dirt has a lot more character and detail than ever before.
  • Sand is now slightly more granular and the dune-size has been realistically increased to tile better over large areas.
  • The main font has been given a tiny bit of depth to make it look smoother and slightly more three dimensional.
  • Custom sign color added.
  • Decreased the view obstruction a bit when wearing the pumpkin. Nightvision effect is unchanged.
  • Replaced the completely worthless sponge texture with a more useful bale of hay, due to similar properties/function.
  • Modified the texture for light wooden planks to account for the new dynamics introduced by CTM. (may do the same for brick later)
  • ALTERNATES.png has been updated to store any altered old versions of textures.
  • Colored areas on terrain.png to water and lava colors so they work properly on mini-map mods.
  • Fixed a stray pixel on the animated diamond shovel.
  • Fixed the missing animated blaze texture.
  • Fixed a missing snout on Pig12.png.
  • Fixed a few stray pixels on inventory.png

Credit to : Misa from planetminecraft

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