How to use:

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. Download Minecraft Forge
  3. Open your minecraft.jar
  4. Drag the mod loader files over
  5. Delete META INF
  6. Drag over forge files
  7. Enjoy your Minecraft Forge

For Windows users, you just have to run install.cmd. If you’re on linux, you need to copy files and apply patch manually for now, A for linux users too is on the way.

Minecraft Forge 4.0.0 Changelogs:


  • Minecraft 1.3.2 WHOOT!
  • With the merge of the client and server in 1.3, as well as Mojang finally syncing the obfuscation. We are now distributing both the client, and server download, in the same download. This means that there is no Client/Server version. There is only Universal.
  • Forge will combine the client and server code at decompile time and create a new workspace for you to work in. This should allow you to easily develop and test your mods for both Local Server, and Remote server. And should allow any forge mod to follow the pattern of releasing a ‘universal’ package.
  • Exposes the full power of the argo, guava, and asm libraries to mods, allow fuller control over the minecraft environment for modders.
  • Re-wrote the old handler system to a new event based system, to move Forge more in line with Bukkit, and the future Minecraft API
  • Re-orginized the internals of Forge into it’s own package, so please do some searching before asking where something went.
  • Removed or consolidated many interfaces/functions that were redundant or deprecated.



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