Screenshots :

All of the guns I created.

Me with a UMP45

All of the newest guns!

Notice : This mod requires ModLoader for Minecraft 1.3.2

These are just some guns added to the game with Heuristix’s “TheGunMod”.

I’m totally up for gun suggestions!
If you could help me get sounds though, that would be awesome! They are extremely hard to find.

Although you can have HD textures, I did mine in the standard 16×16 so there was less hassle.

Guns I’ve added ( I will most likely make HD textures and add more guns later):

  • (Better) AK47
  • XM8
  • AUG
  • FN F2000
  • M24
  • WA 2000
  • VSS
  • M82
  • (Benelli) M4
  • AA12
  • JackHammer
  • Milkor MGL
  • RPG 7
  • PEO M320
  • UMP 45
  • FN P90
  • PP 2000
  • RPD
  • G36 MG
  • Beretta M9
  • Glock17
  • Beretta 93 R
  • M14 DMR
  • Bazooka
  • Desert Eagle
  • 44 Magnum
  • M250K Pulse Rifle
  • PP19
  • M249 SAW
  • Mk12 SPR
  • Ballistic knife
  • *Golden Variants of the AK 47 and M24
  • *And a golden pistol and shotgun
  • (This list will be added too)
  • *Golden Guns are meant for moderators and ops.


  • Q- Does this require Modloader?
  • A- Yes, in a sense. Heuristix’s mod needs it to work, or you couldn’t use the guns, but if you mean you need to download modloader to use these, then no. You just need to have Heuristix mod to work to use them.
  • Q -Does it require AudioMod?
  • A -No
  • Q- How do you install this?
  1. Install Heuristix’s TheGunMod
  2. Delete/Move the default guns
  3. Take the guns in the download and put them in the Heuristix folder that you should have put in your .minecraft folder. There will be a folder within the folder called “guns” take the guns in the download and put them there. If you don’t have that folder then you didn’t download the from Heuristix’s page. Just use the README.txt file, it will tell you what you need to do.
  • Q – How do you craft the guns?
  • A – Use this crappy diagram for the armory. (Below)
    D I D Key: D = Diamond I = Iron G = Gun Powder R = Red Stone Gs = Glow Stone
    I G I
    R I Gs

All guns and ammunition ,minus the golden guns, belong to their rightful manufactures. I do not take credit for this mod, it is not mine. This is just an addition to “TheGunMod”, this mod belongs completely to Heuristix, I just added more guns.

In order to use these guns, you will need to delete the default guns (or you could just put them in a “Default Gun” Folder if you want to keep them). You need to delete them because they use the same Item ID code as the default guns.

Additional Details

Update log

Planed Weapons:

  • Patriot
  • CX4 Storm
  • Better L118A1
  • Sawn-Off
  • Mini gun (if I can find a good sound)
  • m79 granade launcher
  • Impact granades
  • M60
  • M4A1
  • Geapard M1 Lynx
  • Better Spaz-12
  • AK-74u

Art Done for:

  • CX4 Storm
  • Patriot
  • L118A1
  • Sparkler

Gun2 files done for:

  • M60
  • M4A1
  • Geapard M1
  • Sparkler


  • Gage to Gauge ( XP )

Progress: 90% complete

Credit to : JRX125 from planetminecraft

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