He’s coming for you

Herobrine 2.4 for Minecraft 1.3.2

The most complex mob aviable for minecraft!

Featuring Notch, Herobrine, Herobrine Songs, adding your own traps and buildings
also included, this song as a disk!

He build things, he will haunt you, he will scary you, and much more, just try it out.


  • extract the downloaded archiv
  • run easymodinstaller.jar and hit all the time yes
  • done!

Installation guide is in the file. ModLoader and AudioMod are required!

  • Make sure to backup your saves
  • Run EasyModInstaller.jar
  • Start Minecraft, get scared

Everything is adjustable in the herobrine.ini file!

You can turn on and off a lot of things, just take a look in the ini file. Take a look.
1=on 0=off . Do not change Buildings or Traps
If he’s to rare for you, open the herobrine.ini and change spawn and spawnchunk, higher numbers=more herobrines

How to spawn Notch

Notch is very rare in this mod, but if you like to spawn him on your own, use single play commands and type
spawn notch2

Credits to: burnner from planetminecraft

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