So what is it?

MCreator is program for modding minecraft without programing knowedge. It’s simple to learn and use. With mcreator you can customize your minecraft as you wish. After creating new mod you can show it to world by uploading it to MCreator’s community.

Presentation video:

Making RubyOre mod in one minute



Thanks to: Tykiechaosop

What is new in MCreator Stable 1.0 for minecraft 1.3.2: You can:

  • Create new blocks with thousands of properties. You can even set what happen when block is crafted, added, removed, redstone powered, clicked and a lot of more.
  • Create new item with bilions of properties. You can also set events as with blocks.
  • Create new plants
  • Create new tools. You set type of tool and it’s properties (number of usages, harvest level, …).
  • Create new food with all neccesery properties
  • Create new armor with textures
  • Create new biomes with setting kind of blocks, relief, raining type and a lot more
  • Add new recipies
  • Create existing blocks with new textures (ex. red fences, obsidian presure plate)
  • Create textures within MCreator
  • …. and much more

How to install PE:

  • Download zip file
  • Close minecraft. With 7-z or WinRar open C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar and put contents of in minecraft.jar. Then delete META-INF folder in minecraft.jar
  • Start minecraft and you’ll see new button in Texure packs menu

How to install DE:

  • Download setup file
  • Make sure that you have MCreator PE instaled in minecraft! Check also that your minecraft is 1.3.2!
  • Install JDK (1.6 or bigger).
  • Open setup file and install MCreator (at the end of instalation it might say that MCreator wasn’t proper installed, but ignorire it)
  • Restart your computer
  • It’s good to check if you have PATH confrigured propertly. Type javac in comand prompt to check it. If windows doesn’t says javac is not recognized as program, path is OK. Else you need to confrigure path manualy. Click here to read how.
  • You have link on desktop now. Open it.
  • At fist time you start it, MCreator confrigures with you minecraft. CMD also opens. Don’t click next until command prompt closes!
  • MCreator automaticly closes.
  • Open it again and enjoy making new mods

[Minecraft 1.3.2] Mod Maker – MCreator

Credits to: Team of MCreator

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