All the stones.

The new Element Z!

And the new Tools!

The recipes 1

The recipes 2

The recipes 3

More pictures are in the mod pack!!

What does it do:

This mod adds new Items, z.B. cheese, Tv, plastic, tomato, gold chain and still much more!
But the head principle is that it the player to help is faster and more easily at Ressaucen to come!


  • 1, opens Real Life Mod
  • 2, craze minecraft jar and also this opens , everything of the Ortner pulls
  • 3 ” Jar Files” in minecraft.jar , now minecraft.exe starts
  • 4 and has fun XD!

Additional Details

Update log:


  • no buggy stuff
  • no buggy textures
  • no lags for mac users
  • no lags for windows users

Progress: 100% complete
Credit to: KingstoneKingdome from planetminecraft

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