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Mod version 1.12.3 for Minecraft 1.3.1


The download includes compatible versions of this mod for:Standard (vanilla) servers & ModloaderMp servers:

Multiplayer note: The only classes you’ll need to overwrite is ke.class (corresponding to ContainerEnchantment) and kk.class (For enchanted item repair in workbench Gui)

Single Player:
Doubles as recommended client side.
Requires Modloader for maximum compatibility with other mods.


The purpose of this mod, is to provide a much more practical, balanced and fun alternative to the current enchantment system. This mod has far more functionality and balance than better-enchanting and sensible enchanting (both great mods).


  • Re-enchantment: You can spend xp (min-enchantment level: 4) to randomly add/upgrade enchantments on an already enchanted item. The enchantability bonus, when you first enchant, is slightly higher, than on re-enchanting thereafer.NOTE: In the unlikely event you receive two or three enchantments, at once, these subsequent enchantments, will be 2/7ths and 4/49ths of the value of the (chosen level+item’s enchantability).
  • Selective De-enchantment. Don’t want knockback or efficiency? Undo it with a click of a slot,
    with most of your levels refunded:

  • Much less grinding with far more reasonable min-enchantability levels
    (max enchantability is ignored)
  • A more sophisticated experience level cost system
  • A more advanced version of the level selection algorithm at the enchantment table GUI::
    It ensures that the levels made available to you are within the range of the player’s level and the minimum level required for a re-enchantment whenever possible. The third slot, show the highest level
    possible (given the player’s experience and number of bookshelves),
    whilst the other two generate unique random values corresponding to lower costs.
    Consequently you can always cycle through all options in 4 clicks or less.
  • More flexible placement of bookshelves:
    Bookshelves within the range of enchantmentTable.blockY-1 and enchantmentTable.blockY+2 are detected, with a maximum of 40 bookshelves (not 30) taken.

  1. Repairing items (at workbench) now partially retains enchantments
    • causes each enchantment to lose 1 level.
      E.g. A bow with power II
      repaired with another bow with Flame I and Punch II becomes…
      a bow with power I and punch I
    • Dominance: If 2 conflicting enchantments occur, the one with the higher enchantability is kept.
      E.g. Sharpness III is higher up than Bane of arthropods II, or Smite IV.
    • Level Retention on override: If a removed enchantment has at least 60% the min enchantability of the other conflicting enchantment, than the enchantment left keeps its level.
    • Special Exceptions: if infinity or silk touch are consumed in the repair process (or silk touch overrides fortune I):
      -All other enchantments keep their current levels.
  2. Anyone can join your server, with or without client-side installed.
    If the mod is installed on the server, but the player doesn’t have the client side installed, they will still be able to use almost all the features (except for selective reverse-enchanting and a cleaner interface).
    In such a case the extra information, that the mod requires, will be relayed to them via chat message packets.

Additional Details

Change log


  • Added support for 1.3.2

Updated for 1.3.1 :

Changes in 1.3.1:

  • Added ability to enchant empty bottles to become bottles of enchanting.
    Cost 15 xp points (each bottle gives you 3-11 points)
  • Removed level caps.
  • Adjusted cost values to match the new leveling system


  • Fixed glitch with incorrect levels being offered, when modded enchantments were introduced (which were incompatible with vanilla enchantments).


This will probably be the last update before a multiplayer port.

  • All enchantable tools can have unbreaking now (except armor).
    So you can burn through mobs with your hard earned ultra upgraded sword and bows.
  • Re-adjusted cost of unbreaking to be more mid-ranged.
  • Enchantments of aqua affinity, feather fall and respiration, are more than twice as likely to occur than protection enchantments.
  • Made placement of book shelves even more flexible!

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: glider521al from planetminecraft

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