Obsidian Ingots 4.0.7 for Minecraft 1.3


Hey everyone!
Do you want a professional, easy to use “obsidian ingots” mod? Well here you go – Obsidian Ingots!
This mod brings you those feature you always wanted: super powerful obsidian armor, and amazing obsidian tools.
Beside from this, Obsidian Ingots brings a new resource into the game, “Platinum,” which is slightly more powerful than gold! Even more, you can make those precious Lapis Lazuli tools you always wanted! The mod doesn’t actually change much. The first thing you will notice is the new use for obsidian blocks. If you smelt an obsidian block, you will receive one “Obsidian Ingot.” With this, you can craft armor, weapons and tools just like you can with other resources. The tools are very powerful, even more than Diamond. The armor is even better, it has amazing resistance against falls, mobs, and fire.


Crafting Recipies:

Basic Recipies:

Obsidian Ingot:

Obsidian Blocks:

Platinum Ingot:

Platinum Block:

Platinum Ingots:

Obsidian Workbench:

Obsidian Workbench In Action:

Tool Recipies:

Obsidian Paxel:

Obsidian Pickaxe:

Obsidian Axe:

Obsidian Shovel:

Obsidian Hoe:

Obsidian Sword:

Lapis Lazuli Paxel:

Lapis Lazuli Pickaxe:

Lapis Lazuli Axe:

Lapis Lazuli Hoe:

Lapis Lazuli Shovel:

Lapis Lazuli Sword:

Platinum Paxel:

Platinum Pickaxe:

Platinum Axe:

Platinum Shovel:

Platinum Hoe:

Platinum Sword:

Armor Recipies:

Obsidian Helmet:

Obsidian Chestplate:

Obsidian Leggings:

Obsidian Boots:

Lapis Lazuli Helmet:

Lapis Lazuli Chestplate:

Lapis Lazuli Leggings:

Lapis Lazuli Boots:

Platinum Helmet:

Platinum Chestplate:

Platinum Leggings:

Platinum Boots:

Sword in Action:

Posted Image
Finding Platinum:

Tools in Action:

Posted Image
Inventory in Action:

Posted Image

Proving TMI Works:

Posted Image

Install Instructions

You to have already installed ModLoader and ModLoaderMP 1.3.2.
There will be two files:

  • 1. Armor
  • 2. Jar


  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu, and click run. In run, type in, “%appdata%”. From there, locate the .minecraft folder, and open up bin.
  • Using WinZip (or some other unarchiver), open up the minecraft.jar file and place all the files in ‘Jar’ into it. Then, in minecraft.jar, find the “armor” folder and place all the files in ‘Armor’ into it.
  • You can close out of all these windows now. Run the game and you should be good to go!


  • In finder, on the top toolbar, click on the ‘Go’ drop-down menu and then click ‘Go to Folder.’ In that text box, type in “/Users//Library/Application Support”. Please note to type in your computer’s user in the place where I said ”. From there, locate your ‘minecraft’ folder, and after opening it click ‘bin’. Locate the file “minecraft.jar”, and rename it “minecraft.jar.zip”. Double click the renamed file and then you should see a new file called “minecraft.jar”.
  • Throw away the .zip file and open up the new ‘minecraft.jar’ file.
  • Drag all the files in “Jar” into this folder. After this, locate the ‘armor’ folder located in ‘minecraft.jar’. Open it, and then drag all the contents of “Armor” into it. Yay, you’re finished! Close out of all these windows now, and run minecraft. You should be good to go!


  • Be sure to not place the mod’s entire folders into the specified minecraft ones, only place the included files.
  • THIS GAME WORKS WITH TOOMANYITEMS. I am not sure about other mods.

Additional Details

4.0.7 :

  • *Moved to a new packet system.
  • *Organized packet types.
  • *Fixed bug where all blocks can be destroyed immediately.
  • *Fixed bug where platinum spawns in huge veins.
  • *Fixed no TNT resistance.
  • *Bumped version to 4.0.7.

4.0.6 :

  • *Merged all block sprites into “terrain.png.”
  • *Fixed Obsidian Bow texture.
  • *Merged Platinum Ore, Platinum Block, Redstone Block, Refined Obsidian, Coal Block, and Refined Glowstone into a single block ID.
  • *Added separate thread for retrieving news and newest version.
  • *Lots more javadocs!
  • *Started work on sound system.
  • *Made tile entity handle machine facing.
  • *Added NBT storage to save currentItemBurnTime, isActive, and facing.
  • *Fixed packet system to retrieve block state from server on game startup.
  • *Fixed block direction and isActive state not being loaded on game startup.
  • *Only TileEntityMachine handles NBT saving/loading now.
  • *Fixed strange characters in version number retrieving.
  • *Added Forge Configuration support instead of generic Properties.
  • *Renamed ThreadServerData to ThreadSendData.
  • *Fixed double name-adding for Redstone Block.
  • *Changed version number to 4.0.6.

4.0.5 : (9/03/12)

  • Drastically cleaned up code.
  • Added more javadocs.
  • Added simple tile entity networking system.
  • Fixed machine remaining in active position even when it’s off.
  • Fixed platinum ore not spawning.
  • Increased platinum ore generation from 8 blocks per vein to 16.
  • Increased platinum ore generation from one vein per chunk to 3.
  • Created simple machine API to allow for easier additions.
  • Recoded packet system to work efficiently.
  • Added INetworkedMachine interface for better machine networking.
  • Added and fixed IC2 hooks, Iron Dust and Gold Dust are now synchronized between OI and IC2.

4.0.4 : (8/27/12)

  • Hoes now show up in Creative mode.
  • Added status bar for Theoretical Elementizer.
  • Better active/inactive tile entity handling.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Updated textures.
  • Fixed server crash, now runs properly.
  • Minor bug fixes.

4.0 : (8/17/12)

  • *Fixed the update check system — it no longer checks when offline.
  • *Fixed Obsidian Bow, you now can fire Obsidian Arrows
  • *Lowered lapis lazuli tool and armor ability.
  • *Added hooks for IndustrialCraft.
  • *Added Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, and Gold Paxel.
  • *Added Knives! Knives have a powerful attack ability, and you can throw them by right-clicking!
  • *Added Wood, Stone, Iron, Diamond, Gold, Lazuli, Redstone, Platinum, and Obsidian Knife.
  • *Added Weather Orb — change the weather with it’s fancy interface!
  • *Added Coal Block.
  • *Moved block IDs down 10 spaces.
  • *Mod now notifies you when hooked into IndustrialCraft.
  • *Added Iron Dust, Gold Dust, Platinum Dust, and Obsidian Dust.
  • *You can no longer smelt Obsidian and receive Obsidian Ingots.
  • *You can no longer craft Redstone Ingots.
  • *Added Glowstone Ingots.
  • *Added Glowstone tools.
  • *Added Glowstone armor.
  • *Added Refined Glowstone Block.
  • *Added Enrichment Chamber, a furnace-like block that lets you enrich resources like Obsidian, Redstone Ore, Platinum Ore, Iron Ore, and Gold Ore to receive Dusts.
  • *Added Platinum Compressor, a furnace-like block that lets you create ingots out of Dusts.
  • *Added Combiner, a furnace-like block that lets you create ores out of Cobblestone and Dusts.
  • *Added Crusher, a furnace-like block that lets you crush Ingots to receive Dust.
  • *You can no longer craft a Lightning Rod.
  • *You no longer need a Lightning Rod to obtain a Block of Life.
  • *You can receive a Stopwatch, Weather Orb, or Lightning Rod on random when you right click a Block of Life.
  • *Added better ‘Version’ system.
  • *Fixed laggy Credits GUI.
  • *Added option to disable ore generation.
  • *Added option to disable extra features (Life Block, Steve’s Stopwatch, Lightning Rod, etc.)
  • *Fixed bug where ghost Obsidian TNT entities remain after the explosion has gone off.
  • *Fixed Obsidian TNT explosion.
  • *Fixed bug where Obsidian Bow fires normal arrow.
  • *Fixed bug where Obsidian TNT drops normal TNT.
  • *Added IndustrialCraft macerator recipes.
  • *Obsidian Ingots is now in a .jar format.
  • *Added automatic installer, you can now simply click the ‘update’ button on Refined Obsidian and a downloader will connect to my server and download you the latest release.
  • *Added ‘Recent News,’ keep up with Obsidian Ingots updates in-game with the Refined Obsidian block.
  • *Added snooper data, information is sent to a log so I can calculate how many people play on Obsidian Ingots per day.
  • *Created hooks for ObsidianIngots server.
  • *Moved configuration to /config.
  • *Created utility class.
  • *Added javadocs for source code.
  • *Mod no longer notifies you when you have the latest version.
  • *Added customized armor types for all new additions.
  • *Touched up on error messages.
  • *Updated to use Forge’s event handling system.
  • *Added Enriched Alloy.
  • *Added Theoretical Elementizer.
  • *Removed Block of Life.

v3.2.1 (7/17/12)

  • Fixed bug where all version say ‘OUTDATED’ in Credits GUI
  • Added recipe so you can get redstone back from redstone ingots
  • Bug fixes

v3.2 (7/12/12)

  • Added content pack system. This will be better in the future.
  • Added ‘packs.txt’ config file, located in ‘/.minecraft/uberKat.’
  • Control what features of Obsidian Ingots are allowed in ‘packs.txt.’ [SSP/SMP]
  • Added easy-to-use version system. Always know what version of Obsidian Ingots you have.
  • Fixed bug where no blocks except Obsidian TNT and LifeBlock show up.
  • Added fancy shmancy GUI for Steve’s Stopwatch! You can now control time!
  • Added credits menu. Displays your version, most recent version, and the server’s version (if it is running)
  • Added packet system, for checking version data on servers.
  • Added GUI system, GUIs can be displayed both server-side and client-side.
  • Credits menu can be opened from Refined Obsidian, as well as Steve’s Stopwatch.
  • Fixed bug where all blocks drop obsidian.
  • Block of Life can no longer drop itself.
  • Fixed several SMP glitches, as well as SSP.
  • Code cleanup, SSP and SMP.

v3.1.3 (6/30/12)

  • Fixed 99% of all SMP bugs. Items now have fixed IDs.
  • Set up Forge infinite texture indices, no more ‘unique sprite index’ crap.
  • Put all textures into my own items.png and terrain.png, located in /obsidian.
  • Fixed other minor client bugs. The server is now out of BETA! :D

v3.1.2 (6/27/12)

  • Fixed bug where two arrows are fired by the Obsidian Bow instead of one.
  • Steve’s stopwatch now changes time to mid-day instead of killing all mobs.
  • Fixed bug where no lighting is spawned by Lightning Rod in SMP.
  • Other misc bug fixes.

v3.1 (6/12/12)

  • Spring Cleaning! SSP and SMP code looks amazing now. Took me 8 hours!
  • Server Cleanup! NO MORE BUGS! Everything is tested and working perfectly on SMP.
  • Fixed SMP error! You can now easily set up SMP on your server.
  • Removed ‘RedstoneBlock,’ ‘PlatinumBlock,’ ‘PlatinumOre,’ all put in ‘BlockIronMain.’
  • Added Refined Obsidian, craft by putting 9 obsidian ingots in a crafting table.
  • Added Block of Life, craft by putting diamond blocks in a U-shape, with refined obsidian in the middle and a lightning rod on top.
  • Added Stopwatch, obtainable by right clicking a block of life.
  • Fixed minor errors, this release is EXTREMELY stable.

v3.0 (7/7/12)

  • SMP code cleanup! That was hard!
  • ENTIRE MOD CODE REWRITTEN! That means faster updates!
  • NO MORE MODLOADERMP! Because Forge and ModLoaderMP are no longer compatible.
  • FORGE SUPPORT! Yay! This opens many possibilities for the future.
  • CREATIVE BLOCKS! Blocks now show up in Creative Mode.
  • BETTER CONFIGURATION! The configuration now automatically makes it’s own directory.
  • BETTER SMP LOGS! The SMP logs are now more accurate.

Progress: 100% complete

Credit to: aidancbrady from planetminecraft



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