Basically adds a driveable minecart no rails required.
It can go up 1 block at a time.
To install just drop the zip in your mods folder.
You cannot drive in water unless you change the properties.
Please note that opening your world to lan could possibly crash your game if used with this mod, anyway it’s not compatible with lan connected worlds

Requires modloader


  • w: forward
  • a: left
  • d: right
  • c: open inventory
  • shift: brake

Place coal or charcoal in the cars inventory to fuel. You can put thing other then coal in the inventory.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


Controls are a bit jerky due to server overriding client data


  • Engine sprite by TheMrSpaceMonkey
  • Car sprite by kungolion
  • Car texture by FillipePony


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