Please remember to backup your hackshield folder, and for this to work you need to be online for around 30 minutes with your normal eshvc.dll in hackshield folder, then replace it after.

How to use:

  • 1. Play Maple for 45 minutes.
  • 2. Tried replacing the files while Maple is running, but failed, cause file is in use.
  • 3. Exit Maple and Replaced the files.
  • 4. Run Maple.
  • 5. Gets a .dll error (something like 1stranger’s error.)
  • 6. Downloaded that .dll and placed in MapleStory folder.
  • 7. Run Maple, and still gets error.
  • 8. Moved that .dll file into Hackshield folder.
  • 9. Run Maple and got another error. (Not .dll error, forgotten what it was.)

Virus Scan:

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