How to use:

  1. Start MW3
  2. Open MW3 Address Updater
  3. Go to the “Online” screen (After you press: Play)
  4. Press ‘Scan Now’ and wait for it to finish
  5. Add your addresses (Text will be ignore and added to the update)
  6. Press ‘Update My Addresses’
  7. You’re Done


What does it do?

  • It checks the maps and scans for the maps in the new update of MW3.

What can go wrong?

  • That the game changes the map order.
  • Or it go out of the scan range.

Why have this?

  • Well, just for those who code
  • I will soon create an DLL with an update option in it.
  • So, soon we MIGHT have some never patched Trainers out

When will the DLL Class come?

  • I won’t say anything for sure yet, but I will work tonight so
  • (Maybe done and ready for release tomorrow)

Why can’t I view the source?

  • Because it’s protected?
  • And we don’t like people who leech or take stuff from us.

Virus Scans:

Credits to: Jorndel


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