MW3 v1.9.433: Score Changer v1.0

With this little tool, you can change the maximum Score of a lobby [Only works if you are the host, and not for all Game-Modes]


  • 1. Start MW3
  • 2. Start Score Changer
  • 3. Start a Force Host tool of your choice
  • 4. Force Host and Select the Game-Mode [Set Team Death Match for Ground War.]
  • 5. Set the Scorelimit with the Button

Make a near endless Lobby: Play Domination with it and set the score to something like 3000, because TDM and most other gamemodes have Time Limit!

Game Modes:

  • TDM
  • FFA
  • DOM
  • HQ pro
  • CTF
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Team Defender
  • and the Hardcore modes!


Virus Scans:

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