• Force Host
  • Change Max Players in lobby
  • Activate / De-Activate Godmode for every player in the room (Lets you survive anything, EVEN enemy MOAB’s !)
  • Give unlimited ammo / Take ALL Ammo of every player in the room (Take all their ammo, leaving them nothing but a knife !)


How to use:

  • 1. Start MW3
  • 2. Start Server Control Hack (RUN IT AS ADMIN !)
  • 3. Search a gamemode
  • 4. Press Force Host while it is searching for a lobby
  • 5. You should start your own lobby
  • 6. Apply Max # of Players if wanted
  • 7. Select a feauture and click the button to apply

VAC Status: Unknown

Use at your own risk ! I am not responsible for any bans this may cause Use a namefaker for enhanced security

Virus Scans:


v1.5 Second Version Released (BETA)

  • Added New GUI
  • Added New Force Host (PRESS F8 NOW)
  • Added Players Names ! (auto refreshes every 1 second)



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