You can simply edit bytes, shorts, ints, longs, floats, doubles and strings. Byte arrays must be exported and imported to edit them (I couldn’t think of an easy solution). You can add, rename and delete Tags as well as search for a specific name, value and TagType.



Edit Inventory
Edit Spawn
Plus More

  • 1. File. This contains New, Open, Reload, Save, Save As, and Quit.
  • 2. Edit. This contains Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Edit, Move Up, and Move Down.
  • 3. Search. This contains Find and Find Next.
  • 4. Help. This contains About.
  • 5. New. This creates a new file.
  • 6. Open. This allows you to open a file.
  • 7. Save. This allows you to save your file.
  • 8. Rename. This allows you to rename what you’ve clicked on.
  • 9. Edit. This allows you to edit what you’ve clicked on.
  • 10. Delete. This allows you to delete what you’ve clicked on.
  • 11. Byte. This allows you to enter a Byte into your file. You’ll use this when editing Minecraft Named Binary Tag (NBT) data.
  • 12. Short. This allows you to enter a Short into your file. You’ll use this as well when editing Minecraft NBT data.
  • 13. Int.
  • 14. Long.
  • 15. Float.
  • 16. Double.
  • 17. ByteArray.
  • 18. String.
  • 19. List. This lists all of what’s in the toolbar.
  • 20. Compound. This allows you to enter a new Compound. You’ll use this to edit empty slots in your inventory.
  • 21. The “Stage”. This is where all of the work gets done.

How to use:

Step One

  • Go into alpha and save a file if you don’t have one saved already.

Step Two

Go to File, then Open. Find the file and open it. If you saved them to the Minecraft temp folder, read the Sub-Step. If you saved them elsewhere, skip the Sub-Step


  • Click on your Start button and go to Run.
  • Type in %appdata%\.minecraft\saves and hit enter.
  • Copy and paste those elsewhere, such as your desktop, to find them easier.

Adding Items and Blocks to your Inventory
This will be easier if you have items or blocks in your Inventory already.

  • Go to Search, and type in LocalPlayer. Hit Enter.
  • Double-Click the Inventory compound.
  • Double-Click one of the Compounds in the Inventory Compound. They are the ones that should say “4 entries” if you have something in that slot.
  • If you’re editing an existing slot, all you need to edit is the Count byte and the id Short.

*I’ll explain how to make and edit empty slots after this.

  • Click on the Count Byte and click Edit. You can also just Double-Click it. Edit it to whatever you choose. 250 seems to be the limit.
  • Now, click on the id Short and click Edit. Double-Clicking it works the same way.
  • Type in the DEC value (Such as 256 for the Iron Shovel,) and hit Enter.

Do the same for the rest of the slots. Save the file and then load it into /indev/ and your edits should be there.

  • To create edit empty slots, click on the Inventory compound and then click on Compound.
  • Click on that compound and add a Byte and name it Slot .
  • Add another Byte and name it Count .
  • Add a Short and name it Damage .
  • Add another Short and name it id .
  • Now, edit the Slot Byte to the next slot. (If the last one is 3, make the Slot Byte’s value 4, and so on.)
  • Edit the Count Byte to however many of the item or block you want.
  • Keep the Damage Short and 0.
  • Edit the id Short to whatever DEC value you want from the two links I gave you earlier.
  • Save the file and load it up in /indev/ and your edits should be there.

Giving yourself seemingly infinite Health

  • Go to Search and type in LocalPlayer and hit Enter.
  • Edit the Health value to whatever you’d like. 9999 is the limit.

Save the file and you should have seemingly infinite Health.
Giving yourself seemingly infinite Air

  • Go to Search and type in LocalPlayer and hit Enter.
  • Edit the Air value to whatever you’d like. 9999 is the limit.

Save the file and you should be able to stay underwater for what seems like forever.

Made with SharpDevelop (C#) and compiled for the .NET Framework 2.0.
.NET 2.0 or Mono is needed to run it.

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