This hack will work only on PRIMARY weapons so the pistol hack will not be too OP!


This package contains the 2 DLL’s which are

  • 1:No Recoil / No spread
  • 2:Super Pistol

Fixed the CPU lag issue, About the pistol RF i dont have enough time to fix it because i work everyday and im leaving for vacation

No Recoil / No Spread How To:

  • 1: Download any injector for AVA.
  • 2: Inject the DLL.
  • 3: Press ARROW UP to activate not PAGE UP!, Short BEEP = Activated, Long BEEP = Deactivated.
  • 4: To deactivate the hack ARROW UP and it will deactivate once you die, respawn, or change room.
  • 5: Use with your own risk, I am not responsible for any account termination.

Super Pistol How To:

  • 1: Download any injector available.
  • 2: Inject the DLL to AVA.exe.
  • 3: To activate ingame press arrow up, Not PAGE UP!.

Virus Scans:

Credits to: meawww

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