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Minecraft Note Block Studio

Current version: 3.1.3 – Last updated: 12.04.01

The Minecraft Note Block Studio is a music editor for Minecraft, where no redstone knowledge is required to be able to create complex note block songs for your Minecraft world. No longer will you have to struggle with redstone, repeaters and clocks to get the right timing and sound, the Minecraft Note Block Studio does all of that boring stuff for you! But that doesn’t necessarily take away all the challenge in composing a great note block song.

Posted Image Compose note block music
Create remakes of your favorite songs or original compositions in a user-friendly
interface, without having to worry about redstone or Minecraft’s 2 octave limit.
You can even add your own instruments!

Posted Image Convert MIDI files into note blocks
No musical abilities? Don’t worry! The internet is full of music in the .mid format,
available in all kinds of music and all sorts of artists. Just make a quick Google
search for your favorite song and open it in the program!

Posted Image Import your creations into a Minecraft world
Once you have finished a song or imported one from a MIDI file, you can easily
import it into your Minecraft world using Schematic files, with the help of
programs such as MCEdit.

Posted Image Edit songs made in Minecraft
Have you built a song in Minecraft that you want to edit? Well, you can do that too!
Just select the space that your song is in and export it as a Schematic, again, using
MCEdit. You can then open the Schematic in the Minecraft Note Block Studio!

Posted Image Save your song as a MIDI file
You can also export your song as a MIDI file that you can then share with your friends,
use in a video or expand in a MIDI editor.




Video tutorials:

How to Install Note Block Studio for Minecraft

  1. Download Note Block Studio for Minecraft
  2. Create a song or import a song to the application
  3. ( Once you are happy with the song)
  4. Import the song into Minecraft



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