• Undetected again, aimbot is now vip only
  • Added Windows XP ESP(a new esp methode made by me works without worldtoscreen e.t.c.), undetected again
  • Small wr update
  • Fixed speed & instant spawn
  • Added Super Unl.Ammo <- 100% credits to unknowpk & some to yazzn
  • Activated some vip stuff till 04.01.12
  • Undetected again & undetected again
  • Activated some vip stuff, added autoammo(&ammothe), added automedic(&medicother), added autovotekick hotkey: V <- credits to unknowpk
  • Added AutoVotekick(Antikick) public for some days
  • Updated & removed some d3d functions will be added back soon
  • D3d stuff is back – big thanks to yazzn
  • Updatz0red
  • Added AntiAbnormalGamePlay for rockets nades e.t.c.(works good at zombie mod, you still get disconnect if you shot to fast or to much)
  • Undetected again
  • Fixed some functions



Virus Scan:

Status: Undetected

To Fix Failed To Inject :

Credits to: Sirosix

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