• Wall Hack (NA,EU,PH)
  • No Fall Damage (NA,EU)
  • No Grenade Damage (NA,EU)
  • Fast knife(NA,EU)
  • 360 Knife (NA,EU)
  • No Bug Damage (NA,EU,PH)
  • See Ghost(NA)
  • No KnockBack
  • Knife One hit
  • No Flash(Na,EU)
  • No Smoke(Na,EU)
  • Weapon Infinity Range(NA,EU)
  • Fast Defuse
  • Long Knife(Visual,NA,EU)
  • Fast Kill(NA,EU)
  • WireFrame(Press F2 to On and OFF you will hear beep)
  • No World(Press F4 to On and OFF you will hear beep)
  • White Player(Press F3 to On and OFF you will hear beep)
  • No Fog


  • Added Some PTC features and Fixed all bugs.

How to use:

  • Browse SndDrv.dll and SndDrv2.dll to your injector hit automatic injector Manual Inject
  • Anutomatic —> It ask you to open game and DLL automatic inject
  • Manial Injet —> When you open game after loading dll you Press inject and MSG Box pop up.

Injector: http://www.gamersdl.com/finject-for-crossfire


Virus Scans:

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