• FPS
  • Crosshair /*CHANGED THE COLOR!
  • Move Menu /*has many glitches because the new menu has some differences so i was lazy
  • Rapid Fire (25 SPEEDS) (THANKS JEFF)
  • Weapon range
  • SuperBullets
  • NXchams
  • Speed
  • SuperJump
  • NoCamDmg /*CANNOT TURN OFF but why would you want to??
  • CrouchJump /*also cant turn off UNTIL YOU DIE (once crouched you cant uncrouch)
  • No Recoil(THANKS JEFF)
  • Enemy Nametags(THANKS JEFF)

This Hack called “UNSIMPLIFIED

Virus Scans:


  • Teehee15
  • Jeff
  • NecrosyZ
  • TopBlast
  • Flameswor10
  • wicho_koz
  • Soul

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