CrossFire Console


This will only work on x64 machines


  • Knife Weapons
  • Toggle Bug Damage
  • Toggle Sneak Hack
  • Weapon Damage
  • Weapon Range(Guns only)
  • Weapon Weight
  • Weapon Lift Speed




Hack Descriptions:

Knife Weapons

This feature changes all weapons into knives (that still function the same). Basically this enables no reload and rapid fire sniper/pistol. Some cons to this is you cannot throw grenades and you cannot use the reload key. To reload, you must empty your clip (which is no problem since it disables the reload). Snipers and pistols have an issue with reload time, but you can rapidly fire them by clicking with the mouse as fast as you can.

Toggle Bug Damage

This feature toggles bug damage in-game. Basically if you do a glitch and constantly get -20HP or so, you can disable that by toggling this feature. “Bug Damage: OFF” in console means this feature is working.

Toggle Sneak Hack

A personal favorite. You make no noise from footsteps. Not only that, it disables your ghost visibility.

Weapon Hacks

Most of these are self-explanatory. You can change the data of the guns.

How to use:

  • 1. Start CrossFire NA and login as usual.
  • 2. Start up the EXE. A message will welcome you.
  • 3. First you need to attach the console to crossfire, so type “attach,crossfire.exe” and then press ENTER to do so (see screenshot for exactly how)
  • 4. Type “help” for a list of console commands. Nothing is case-sensitive, and arguments are separated with commas.

That’s all there is to it. If you don’t understand how to use commands, they are formatted like so:

Commands, including names, are case insensitive, so having the name Awm is no different than AWM or AwM[/U]

Some commands don’t have arguments like “sneak” or “knifeweapons”, so to use those, just type:

So, for example, if you want to set M16′s damage to 116, you would use:

If you want to read the damage of AWM, use:

and the console should output the damage of the weapon “AWM”

Weapon names come from the bottom right corner of the screen while in-game.

Next, if you want to apply a command to all weapons, you can use the wildchar “*”

So if you want to set the damage value of all weapons to 116, you would use (116 is about AK-47 dmg):

Same if you wanted to get the damage value. It will work for meleedmg too and other commands.


  • “damage,Grenade,0″ results in a no take grenade damage hack.
  • You can set the damage of a weapon higher than the max, but you may get client errors.
  • Setting the weight of a weapon to something higher than 2 results in an uncontrollable speed hack (not detected, you can use it to escape from a battle.)

Virus Scans:


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