Woo.exe is a smart bot that will run maps for you.





  • NA/EU
  • Scripted to work with just VinPub, VinPub + console or standalone console
  • Autosell/Automail features
  • AP Spender
  • Color detection to make runs as fast as possible – no static delays
  • Customizable binds
  • Boat reload feature if kicked to town
  • Map exit + boat reload feature if skipboat is prematurely sent
  • Supports all resolutions EXCEPT “Custom->Fullscreen”
  • Option to level up trans (must have the quest done first) standalone or during botting

How to use:

  • 1 – Start your injector (Metaject, Sinject, Perx are 3 good ones). Inject your .dlls

    • or If you have a standalone Console, start it
  • 2 – Start Woo.exe as admin (You can start this after Vindictus is started too)
  • 3 – Start Vindictus (make sure injector is set to inject automatically)
  • 4 – Get on a boat, unequip weap, and put the items you’re farming for in the first-third rows as suggested below
  • 5 – Hit “Home” on your keyboard
  • 6 – Click “Set Binds”
  • 7 – Modify binds as desired. If you are using Nico’s BaseCon, check the checkbox and the bot will input all the binding commands for you when the bot starts. If you have a private console, check the box and type in EXACTLY (case sensitive) the window title of your console. You can skip to step 10
  • 8 – Click “Send Binds to txt” (will automatically save text to your copy/paste clipboard)
  • 9 – Go to your console window and paste the binds. If you have “Use Alias” unchecked and “Nukeall – No god” checked, you also must put the “a_cfg” folder inside your Vindictus folder (same directory as Vindictus.exe)
  • 10 – Hit “Save” in GUI
  • 11 – Set the checkboxes/user inputs/map value as desired
  • 12 – Hit “Start” and walk away

NOTE: Woo will save your customized choices for steps 7 and 11, so they only need to be done once unless changes are wanted. You must repeat steps 6,8-10 every time you completely exit/reopen Vindictus.


  • “Home” to start
  • “Pause” to pause (Do NOT use while bot is moving in a battle)
  • “End” to stop

How delays work:

- “Boss Delay” will add “x” seconds to the programmed wait time before killing the boss. This will be useful if your internet connection is slow, or computer is old, and your maps load very slowly

- “Skip Boat Delay” will add “x” seconds to the programmed wait time in between skipping maps. Some people (EU I think) complained of black screens and suggested you must wait until a map is fully loaded until you can skip to the next map. Use this to force the bot to wait in between map loadings.

- “Random Delay” will force the bot to idle on the boat for a random number of minutes every random number of runs. I will not be releasing the exact bounds within this system; however, I will say this will approximately reduce your overall botting speed by 40%. If you would like to further reduce the speed, you can implement the other Map Delays above. I have had a couple users ask for this to see if a random delay vs. a static slow bot might help with the banning issue. No guarantees.

- “Slow Computer Delay” will add delays into trouble spots (cutscenes, for instance) where slower computers take longer to load but the bot keeps continuing. All the maps are optimized using a relatively fast computer. This does not replace the “Skip Map” or “Boss Map” delays above, and only should be used if there are troubles with the bot clicking the battle cleared screen or for timed battles (like Prepare for Counterattack), the attacks come too early and the boss doesn’t die.

- “Random Battle Delay” this will randomize the user input delays “Skip Map Delay” and “Boss Delay”. For instance, if the user inputs a 60s “Skip Map Delay”, the AVERAGE delay will be 60s, but it will be a random number. If the user puts 120s delay before killing the boss (“Boss Delay”), the AVERAGE delay will be 120s. The intended purpose of this is to hopefully help with detection.

How AP Spender Works:

If you do not want to use the AP spender, use “0″ in the GUI. AP will be spent every amount of runs specified in the GUI. You MUST have the skill already learned if it is to be trained. If you would like to train specific skills first, you can put 1 AP into the skills you want and check “Trained Skills Only” in the skill window in Vindictus. Due to scripting, currently only the first 12 skills in each tab will be trained (really only affects the “Combat” tab which has more than 12).

How autosell works:

The bot will automatically save the images in each of the rows for which you check “Keep items Row#” in the FIRST CHEST. Consequentially the bot will be “delayed” for about 3s at the start-up as it saves these images. This type of item will NOT be sold if “Sell Items” is checked, and ONLY these items WILL be mailed. The autosell will run much faster if you save only the items you are farming for, or NEW items that you will be collecting (don’t select all 3 rows if you’re ONLY farming for scrolls or empo stones). In the script, the first row’s x first column’s box in the first chest is reserved for scrolls. If you don’t want scrolls, then leave this box BLANK. If you want to keep items and mail them, but not mail the scrolls (r9 scrolls that bind, for instance), simply uncheck “Mail Scrolls” in the GUI and put a scroll in the 1×1 box before you start the bot. The bot will sell, and then mail the selected items “Every Sell/Mail” number of runs. Items will NOT autosort, this way if you leave items in the first chest that you want to keep, but aren’t farming (ie. items you shouldn’t be putting in the “Save items Row#” boxes). On the different computers I’ve tested, all the empty boxes successfully were detected, which significantly speeds up the item check for selling/mailing (about 6s for a fully-empty chest). My small claim to fame amongst the great scripters here l2noobl2 and Dank

If you check “Mail Items” and don’t put a character to mail to, your items won’t be mailed.
If you put “0″ in “Max Runs”, it will run indefinitely.
If you put “0″ in “Mail/Sell Every” OR uncheck “Sell Items”, items will not be sold or mailed.
Items mailed will automatically be one less than the stack contains so an item will be left for the next startup’s use. For instance, if you have a stack of 56 empo stones, only 55 will be mailed.
Due to the random nature of which stack disappears during mailing multiple stacks of the same item type (especially if the max stack is 10 or 20), I would suggest autoselling every 50-100 runs minimally or you might have a buildup in your inventory of these items.
Settings must be in “Mouse Mode”. “Auto aim secondary weapon” should be checked as well.

Maps provided (*New):

  • Decisive Battle
  • Brynn’s Research
  • Source of the Rumor
  • Kobold Chief
  • Final Slingshot
  • Prepare for counterattack
  • Labyrinth (Will stop after 3 runs)
  • Wake Up Call
  • Dead End Street
  • Being From The Other World
  • Depths Of Ainle
  • Culprit Behind The Disturbance
  • Trampled Plains
  • Burnt Pumpkin Field
  • Prairie Gnoll
  • Hunter at the Ruins
  • Ruins of Sanctity
  • Spider Overload
  • White Tyrant Challenge
  • Gnoll King Ruler of the Ruins
  • Goliath
  • Where the Legend Sleeps
  • Hidden
  • The Unveiling Truth
  • Regrets Too Late
  • Nightmare at the Ruins
  • Shadowed by Darkness
  • Yeti King
  • Irukul
  • Revived Fear
  • Proof of Courage
  • Unfinished Business
  • Howling Soul
  • Investigation
  • WestHilderForest
  • Forest Ruins
  • Fight that must be Won
  • Shady Forest
  • Cadet’s Challenge
  • Herb Lands
  • Weeping Queen
  • The Contract
  • Level-up Tranformation only
  • Level Trans NO Hacks (Must be in Colhen)

Bindable Keys for custom bindings:

On regular keyboard area-

Between regular keyboard area and NUMPAD-
Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys
NUMPAD keys-
All NUMPAD keys except “NUMLOCK” and “ENTER”

To change binds, use the following format:
Function Send
If there is an error or typo with your input values, a message box will pop up and tell you what is wrong when you click “Send Binds to txt”

Initial Binds pre-set for you:

Temporary fix for VinPub93.dll:

  • Check the box for VinPub93.dll and the script will override any user inputs for god, no ai, ohk and killall. If using VinPub93 only, you STILL must bind the commands “cc_send_start_game_message” and “cc_shiplist_ui” to your .cfg file to implement skip-map and error fix features.

NOTE: You can use a DETECTED console to quickly create a .cfg file in the ~20s you have before detection+autoclose. You CANNOT use a PATCHED console, like ConsoLite, AT ALL.

For VinPub.dll:

bind “KP_LEFTARROW” “cc_change_figure_height 0.1″
bind “KP_5″ “cc_change_figure_height 1″
bind “KP_RIGHTARROW” “changemap_to_next_random_sector”
bind “KP_HOME” “cc_set_sub_weapon javelin_piercing_catacomb 999″
bind “KP_INS” “god”
bind “KP_MINUS” “ohk”
bind “KP_SLASH” “incrementvar host_timescale 1 5 4″
bind “KP_DOWNARROW” “cc_set_sub_weapon mining_bomb 999″
bind “KP_PGUP” “KillAll”
bind “F5″ “cc_mailbox_ui”
bind “F6″ “show_mini_shop”
bind “]” “incrementvar plr_search_evil_core_distance 500 1700 400″
bind “-” “cc_send_start_game_message”
bind “[” “cc_change_figure_height 1500″
bind “=” “scaleform_fade_in 0.1″
bind “0″ “cc_shiplist_ui”



  • Changed script to accommodate those getting line errors.

Virus Scans:





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