This bot is customizable through vartools, just input the number and the bot will fetch the appropriate battle script.

Right now, this bot supports most maps, along with some specialized ones to increase productivity.

Specialized Maps:

  • Mercenary Training Site
  • The Weeping Queen
  • Irukul
  • White Tyrant’s Challenge
  • Two Moons

How to use:

  • 1. Get the latest Consolite from here
  • 2. Place the files in the a_cfg folder in the Vindictus folder.
  • 3. Type in “a_exec xbot.txt”.
  • 4. Type in “startBot” when on a boat to start it.
  • 5. To stop it, just type in “stopBot”.

And don’t leech this either, sell it, or copy code from it.

Virus Scan:

Sample from xbot.txt:

==== Usage: ===============================================
 Simply type in startBot to start the bot, and stopBot to
  stop it. To restart the bot, you must type in reloadBot

 If something isn't right, try typing in reloadBot.

==== Battle Settings: =====================================
 The battle number is used for certain maps that have
  special requirements. Usually the default level 0 will
  suffice for most maps. If you don't see your map in here
  it may not be supported.

 Level 0: Default number of skips (5)
 Level 1: No skips

 Level 2: Two Moons

 Level 0 will work with Level 1 battles, but it will take
  longer that using Level 1.
==== Battle Level 0: ======================================
  Most of the boats.
==== Battle Level 1: ======================================
  Mercenary Training Site, The Weeping Queen, Irukul,
   White Tyrant's Challenge
==== Battle Level 2: ======================================
  Two Moons



  • Added Two Moons script 0.01b
  • Completely rewrote script for less failure
  • Added delay feature


  • Created XBOT
  • Includes customizable numbers for certain maps
  • Added fast skip mode

Main Link:

Mirror Link:

Credits to: SinXZ

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