• 1] Run the Setup file and install in your computer.
  • 2] Run YagaMitsuko Agent.exe (shortcut) or ControlCenter.exe (in directory).
  • 3] Register an account in the Agent and you can login to use the hack!

YagaMitsuko Agent have been upgraded to verson 1.1!

New Features:

  • Clone 5 NPC [Titanium]
  • Upgrade of Auto Purchase Channel Hack [Supreme]
  • Hidden Songs [Basic]
  • 1 Second Time Hack [Basic]
  • Auto BeatRush [Platinum]
  • Auto BeatRush CTRL Spam [Platinum]
  • Upgrade & Bug Fix in Auto Story Glitch [Supreme]
  • Channel Full Popup Auto Close [Free]
  • Free Peach Emoticon [Ultimate]

Please run/restart your Agent for it to update automatically.

Credits to: YagaMitsuko

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